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I'm Kosta

👋 Welcome to my little slice of the internet.

Engineer by training,
Entrepreneur by nature.

I have always been fascinated by how things work and using technology to build new products.

My first encounter with tech was working in a local computer repair store in Plovdiv Bulgaria, where I helped clean the store and made coffees in exchange for learning about computers and playing Age of Empires. I was only five, but my love for tech and coffee has held steady over the years.

At university, I studied engineering but quickly got disfranchised with the formal education system. Getting bitten by the startup bug and in tune with the entrepreneur cliché; I dropped out to focus on launching my startup. Even though I raised some money, the startup failed, but it was an excellent springboard for my career in technology.

Fast forward eight years, add a few more failed ventures, sprinkle a couple of successes, and this startup journey has allowed me to work alongside, and learn from, some of the best digital, product and venture teams out there.


Strategy is sanity.
Product is compromise.
Growth is optional.

Throughout my career, I have helped build and launch six products, across different international markets and industries, and advised dozens of startups and corporates along the way.

Most of my experience has revolved around product, strategy and growth, so most of my work revolves around helping teams unlock new & sustainable growth by thinking across the business holistically. This means I tend to operate as a generalist and get stuck into whatever needs to be done, regardless of team or discipline.  

My engagements usually fall into one of three types: coach, advisor or interim leader. As a coach, I focus on building individuals. As an advisor, it often expands to working with the team to develop the company strategy and help navigate the complexity and risks. In interim leadership roles, I jump in fully to manage sprints and run experiments.

I always look to stay connected with early-stage companies and give back to the startup ecosystem, so I often speak at events, run workshops and mentor for programmes such as WeWork Labs, Antler and various VCs.


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🛠 Workshops

I run workshops or give presentations for VCs, Accelerators, Universities and other entrepreneurial organisations on topics such as Finding Product Market Fit, Running Better Experiments. Often they are helpful and well-received, plus give me a chance to give back to the community.

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💼 Office Hours

I run office hours to provide product advice and help clear strategic roadblocks. For me, these sessions are fun, intellectually stimulating and somewhat cathartic. For attendees, they are usually quite helpful and give a chance to find to out what it is like to work with me.

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Some nice words

He's really strong at understanding user needs and building a product around it. Kosta is also a great team player and fierce truth seeker who challenges the team to get to the best outcome possible for the business.

Fouzan Ali, CEO at Kantan

Kosta helped us in implementing a new way of thinking about and delivering innovation projects at Forward Partners. He quickly assimilated our business and was great at nudging us in the right direction when we strayed from the process; always with good humour and care for what we were trying to achieve. In a short period, we’ve changed the way that we approach our strategy, and Kosta was a big help in marshalling us on that journey.

Will Herman, COO at Forward Partners

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Personal projects
& experiments.

In my professional life, everything revolves around building products and growth. Ironically, I take this mentality into my personal life and projects as well. So, anything to do with learning, developing more self-awareness or broadly, personal development gets me excited.

🔍 Exploring Reality

A podcast a friend and I run around life long learning. We nerd out over psychology, neuroscience, behavioural economics and cognitive biases, as we search and attempt to build a more objective view on life.

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✒️ Blog

My catalogue of unfinished blog posts is depressingly long, but once a month or so, I manage to force a bit of content across the finish line. Topics vary from world affairs to meditation, but I always try to provide some mental cannon fodder.

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🗺 User Guide

Often, I have to dive into the deep end on a project and quickly build relationships with a team. This is an experimental document that breaks down how operate to help manage expectations and become a high performing team faster.

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Want to work together?

Or just want to say hello? Maybe you simply want to nerd out with me about any of the following...

🚀 startups (obviously)
🍸 cocktail making
🧘‍♂️ meditation
💸 economics
🧠 neuroscience
🚴 endurance sports

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